Volunteer with Tiba

Working with Tiba in rural Africa has been the privilege of my medical career.”
— Peter Sherris, MD, MPH


Are you looking for a way to share your skills and experience in a medically underserved part of the world? Tiba has sent over 100 medical professionals, many of whom are repeat volunteers, to western Kenya and other Sub-Saharan African locales since 2004.

We Rely on You
Rural Africa's most precious commodity is trained medical professionals.

If You are a Medical Professional
You have the capacity to give a gift more powerful than most of us can possibly comprehend. Learn more. 

You will save lives
You'll also leave a legacy by teaching dedicated local medical professionals to better care for their communities.

Not a medical professional? You can still help.


Dr. Amanda Schoenberg, a pediatrician at Kaiser Permanente's Hayward Center, oversees Tiba's Volunteer Program.
She volunteers with our partners in Kenya annually.