Non-Medical Volunteers

Expertise and dedication sought in specific fields: media, healthcare administration, fundraising.

This is not a casual, ad hoc program. Non-medical volunteers travel to rural Kenya with carefully structured projects, goals, task lists, and agendas. 

If you are an experienced professional working in the above fields, you want to work with our wonderful partners in Africa, and you are willing and able to pay your transport and in-country costs, please start the conversation by emailing us here.

We regret that we cannot accommodate non-specialists in our program.

Tiba's non-medical volunteer program is a highly structured operation.  It is designed to furnish our local partners with the tools they need to build a community healthcare system. We cannot, unfortunately, accommodate everyone who'd like to travel to and work in rural Africa.

The presence of any visitor uses resources--transport, communications, employee time. Our job is to make sure that the value of the non-medical volunteer's work is significantly greater than that of the resources used. Because of the high volume of non-specialist requests, we are unable to respond to unsolicited emails. 

If you are interested in general volunteer opportunities, here is a list of organizations that may be able to accommodate you.