Lucy: Mobility and Independence 



When Lucy was 4 years old, she contracted polio. The disease left the entire right side of her body paralyzed. She was one of the “lucky” ones though, and received physical therapy so that today, only her leg remains affected.

Unfortunately, her disability kept her homebound and entirely dependent on her five children. Her children tended to the crops and sold items at the market, which meant they were unable to attend school.

Lucy was devastated. She was a vibrant, smart, energetic woman trapped in a body that prevented her from living the life she was capable of living and from being the mom she had always wanted to be.

Tiba Foundation’s Mobility Program, conducted in partnership with the Association of Persons with Disabilities in Kenya (APDK), connected with Lucy and provided her with a market tricycle, which can be pedaled with hands instead of feet. This simple device changed everything.

For the first time ever, Lucy could move about her land, tend to the crops, and take items to market to sell. Not surprisingly, her vibrant personality and natural business acumen led to her fruit and vegetable booth being among the most successful at the market. Her children also started attending school and are thriving.  

The Mobility Program has helped more than 200 individuals since it started just a few years ago and continues to grow. It symbolizes what’s possible when someone is given the right tools and a fighting chance at a productive, healthy, and happy life – the sky is truly the limit!