Help bring an ultrasound machine
to the people of Ugenya, Kenya


We know how important ultrasonography is to the successful treatment of patients in the United States, so it was no surprise when the doctors in Ugenya came to us and asked for an ultrasound machine.

Currently, when a patient with breathing difficulties comes in, their journey is quite challenging. First they have to be seen and evaluated in clinic, then travel two hours to the only hospital in the area with the proper equipment to get an x-ray. This is followed by bringing the physical film back to the medical officer, having it interpreted and then getting the appropriate medication for treatment. This becomes a multi-day affair.

An ultrasound machine would change everything
Portable ultrasound changes the entire equation. That same patient with breathing issues is seen and evaluated immediately by the local physician who can perform a focused exam on the heart and lungs and deliver a more in-depth evaluation than what an x-ray provides. The use case for the portable ultrasound machine is tremendous - beyond evaluation of heart and lungs, it also includes fetal evaluation, gallstones and kidney stones, evaluation of skin abscesses, etc. We'll also use this machine to do a cancer screening clinic for thousands of women in October 2016.

We're ready to go
Everything is set in motion - we’ve identified which machine we’ll buy, and we’ve set the date for delivery of the machine and training of the local staff. We're covering the cost to deliver the machine to Ugenya. All we need to do is raise enough funds to cover the cost of the ultrasound device and staff training.

Dollar-for-dollar match
We’re also excited to announce that two generous, anonymous donors have agreed to match every dollar donated up to $10,000! And any money donated above and beyond our goal will be donated directly to our programs in Ugenya. 

We look forward to making this happen with your support!