We Train and Provide Opportunities to Local Kenyans



Everything we support begins with the local community. 

Tiba supports traditional birth attendants, volunteer field officers and a growing body of
 500 Community Health Workers (CHWs).

These CHWs crisscross the region, educating families about sanitation, water, preventive health, bed nets, jiggers and general health and hygiene. They also act as the eyes and ears of the health facilities we support, alerting them when someone needs escalated care. 

Community Health Workers provide:

Total sanitation
Nutritional support
Bed net provision
Clean water
Treatment compliance
Treatment referrals
Physical rehabilitation (mobility program)
Health insurance and sanitary pads for girls in Secondary School 

Did you know?
 A single Community Health Worker can be responsible for up to 100 households. The job requires dedication, endurance and a deep commitment to the health of one's neighbors.