We Build Medical Facilities 

Three out of four projects completed so far…

Women & Children’s Hospital, Out Patient Buildings, 52-Bed Inpatient Ward AND

now raising funds for the Operating Theater & Emergency Room.

It’s not just what we build, it is how we build.

The rural community of Ukwala Kenya desperately wanted a community hospital, and with confidence in Matibabu local leader Dan Ogola and Tiba’s committed board, donated the land for Matibabu Hospital. The hospital leaders and staff are all Kenyan and almost all are from the local area and are dedicated to building quality healthcare for their community. Building projects provide construction jobs and increases permanent employment in the local community. Matibabu’s wholesale pharmacy and laboratory support over a dozen small clinics in outlying areas expanding its reach across rural Kenya.

Tiba’s partner, Construction for Change, lends their expertise and experience
doing quality construction and project management in Africa while an HDR team of volunteers is
working on the design for the new Operating Theater and ER.

Our hospital & clinic with inpatient, outpatient, and community health
programs, treat over 15,000 people annually and continues to grow.

Matibabu Hospital Complex Includes:

Over 70 beds
Delivery Room
Wholesale Pharmacy
X-Ray & Ultra Sound

Future Plans for Matibabu Hospital:

Operation Theater & ER

Small hotel for volunteers on medical missions

Permanent home for the College of Medical Sciences